Medicinal Herbs in Bangladesh

Around 450 to 500 of such medicinal herbs have so far been enrolled as accessible in Bangladesh. The homegrown drug is generally utilized in Bangladesh in the customary social insurance frameworks. For example, Ayurvedic, Unani, Hekimi and different types of society medications.

Kurchi Plants

It is used for the treatment of diarrhea, piles, skin diseases, arthritis, osteoarthritis, gastric disorder. It also used for augmenting digestion and appetite, proctitis, rectal swelling, obesity, gout, urinary stones, skin diseases, intestinal worm, colitis, carminative and asthma.

Basak plants

The medication Basak involves the new or dried leaves of the plant. Leaves contain an alkaloid vasicine, and basic oil. The main utilization of Basak is as an expectorant, juice, syrup or decoction. It mollifies the thick sputum, encourages it’s turning out and in this manner realizes speedy help in bronchitis.