Aglaonema Snow White


Measurement: 1 Pc

Size: Small-Medium

Pot: Including Plastic

Pebbles: No

Fertilizer: No

Kit: No

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Aglaonema Snow White is one of the decorative indoor air purifier plants. Aglaonema plants have colourful leaves and are attractive, diversified, durable, drought-tolerant and low maintenance.  It has a vibrant green colour with attractive white spots on the foliage, that’s why it is called Snow White. Nasa recommends the plant for air purification. Aglaonema’s leaves seem to be spectacularly brightly coloured and look like it belongs in your home.

Aglaonema Snow White is a plant species of the genus Aglaonema, belonging to the araceae family, that is endemic to Asia’s tropical and subtropical climates. Because of its origin in South Asia, Aglaonema is also known as Chinese evergreen. The original Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema Modestum) plant has deep green foliage. This plant can grow 6 to 10 inches.

How to Care for Aglaonema


  • Chinese evergreen likes bright indirect natural light or bright artificial light
  • Direct sunshine can harm the plant’s leaves, so keep it out of direct sunlight


  • A well-drained potting mix is best for this plant


  • Once a month throughout the primary growing season, feed the plant with organic fertilizer
  • Release the dirt without disturbing the plant’s roots


  • Before watering the soil, check the moisture
  • Try not to overwater this plant
  • Reduce water during the winter & rainy season but be careful that the plant is not completely dry


  • Repot with fresh potting soil and fertilizer when a plant gets big its existing pot
  • After repotting place the pant in a shady area for 2/3 days.

Benefits of  Snow White:

  • Aglaonema purifies air. It removes toxic gases like Benzene, Formaldehyde, CO. That’s why NASA recommends this plant.
  • During the night, it absorbs CO2
  • This gorgeous leafy indoor plant emits Oxygen.

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