Anthurium Plant


Measurement: 1 Pc

Size: Medium

Pot: Yes

Pebbles: No

Fertilizer: No

Kit: No

Payment: 100% Advance Payment

Delivery Location: Dhaka, Faridpur Only

Time: 1-2 Days Delivery

Payment Method: bKash, Nagad, City Touch or Local Bank Transfer

Anthurium Plant

Anthurium plant is the perfect plant to brighten up your home & office. To put the finishing outline at your desired place, surely bring this tropical plant as Treevaly provides a beautiful terracotta pot with it. Perking up the environment in a fully different way, the Anthurium flowering plants are a great way indeed.

Anthurium is a genus of about one thousand species of flowering plants which is mainly native to Central America, northern South America, and the Caribbean. The flower of this plant has a distinctive tropical form so that’s why people call it ‘Flamingo Flower Plant’. Heart-shaped waxy spathes, red tail-like flower spikes make this plant more attractive. The Anthurium plant produces fresh blossoms throughout the year with appropriate care and fertilization.

How to care

  • It thrives in bright, indirect light and doesn’t like exposure to direct sunlight
  • Water the plant once a week throughout the winter months. Nevertheless, putting water more regularly in the summer such as twice a week is adequate
  • Avoid placing your plants near heaters, air conditioners, and fans
  • Mist the plant daily to raise humidity levels at high as it enjoys the humid environment
  • Use liquid fertilizer no less than once a month in the summer and spring season
  • Take some time to shape your plant as pruning is essential for it
  • Always keep it in a well-drained pot

Toxicity of Anthurium Plant

This plant is toxic to pets and humans. It contains calcium oxalate crystals which can cause intense pain and irritation to the mouth and stomach if you chew it anyhow. Keep it at a distance from your pets as it could put the pets in danger if they swallow the leaves or flowers.

As a houseplant to plant throughout the year, you can buy it at the best price from Treevaly. It only takes 2-3 working days to place your delivery at your preferred place.


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