Wholemade Classic Mayonnaise

৳ 380.00

Measurement: 330 ml

Flavor: Classic

Brand: WholeMade

Payment: 50% advance payment

Home Delivery: Charge Available


Buy mayonnaise online at the best price in Bangladesh. Mayonnaise has enormous health benefits. It is a combination of oil, egg yolk, an acidic liquid (like lemon juice or vinegar). It is also a mixture of mustard. Studies also have found that mayonnaise can prevent strokes. As well as helping with the absorption of all sorts of important minerals and vitamins, It also helps to lower your cholesterol. It is also made with plant oils and protein which helps to strengthen hair from roots to tips. Mayonnaise has nutrients which helps to enhance moisture and lowers wrinkles.


One cup (231 grams) of mayonnaise contains 129.36 g of water, 769 calories, 2.08 g of protein, 76.92 g of total lipid fat, 7.16 g of ash, 15.48 g of carbohydrate and 9.7 g of sugars. We could also find 1693 mg of sodium, 14.85 mg of vitamin E, 57.1 µg of Vitamin K, 15.48 g of carbohydrate, 3.7 µg of selenium, 2.08 g of protein, 155 mg of potassium and 16.2 mg of choline in 231 grams of mayonnaise.


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