Greenovia Rose


Measurement: 1 pc

Color: Greenish

Pot: Yes, Included

Payment: 100% Advance Payment

Home Delivery: Across Bangladesh

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Nowadays the adorable rose succulents are popular in the plant world. These adorable tiny plants grow in the shape of a rose, as their name indicates. This plant, like all others, has a few different names. Aeonium dodrantale and Greenovia dodrantalis both are valid scientific names. Most people recognized it by Rose Succulent.


The first thing to keep in mind is that they require somewhat more water than other succulents. Because The Rose Succulent can tolerate wet soil longer than other Succulent. It needs water every couple of days in summer. But in winter it takes time to dry, so only need to water after one or two weeks later. It needs the right soil mix. It’s critical to choose a quick-draining soil mix so that the roots don’t become too wet.

They’re prone to sunburn, so keep an eye on them over the summer to make sure they don’t get too much direct, strong light.

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Why Greenovia Rose?

  • Greenovia Rose is a gorgeous and rare plant.
  • It helps to make a natural environment by cleaning the air.
  • Succulents produce oxygen, which helps the breathing system.
  • It’s easy to care.
  • They are very easy to propagate.
  • It has a high demand.
  • Rose succulent flowers are so peaceful and lovely that they’re utilized in visual therapy to help people relax and relieve discomfort.

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