Italian Basil Plant


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Italian Basil Plant

Italian basil is a famous herb all over the world and a prominent ingredient in many national cuisines. Nowadays we use it in soups, salads, pasta, pizza and sauces. Fresh or dried, this aromatic plant produces rich oil. The flavour and scent of this type are sweeter than the other variety. They have extra big leaves, about 3-4 inches long. Plants with healthy leaves can reach 18-24 inches tall and 12-15 inches broad.

During the spring and fall growing seasons, large Italian basil can be harvested several times. In the summer, it will bolt and blossom. Italian basil can grow from seed or transplantation. If you want to cultivate this type of herb in your mini garden, now you can do it very easily.

How to Care

  • It is better to keep the Basil plants keep moist and they require around 1 inch of water each week. Water deeply at least once a week to keep the soil wet and the roots developing deep. Growing basil in pots needs more regular watering.
  • Basil is a hardy plant that requires little to no fertilizer. Too much fertilizing may ruin the basil’s taste. If you want to add some fertilizer then use liquid fertilizer twice a season for growth.
  • Pruning is an important part of growing this plant. Prune the branches to the growth of the first leaves when the first few leaves arrive. This will make Basil grow full and bushy. Continue to cut the flowers. Otherwise, the plants will not be able to develop properly.

Why Italian Basil

  • According to recent research, it contains a substantial quantity of Vitamin K, which requires for blood clotting, as well as Vitamin A, which is necessary for the health of blood vessels and the prevention of cholesterol buildup.
  • The plant contains iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, vitamin C, and potassium.
  • Basil leaves’ aroma can be used as a pest deterrent in the garden, deterring pests such as aphids and hornworms.



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