Mangosteen Fruit Plant


Measurement: 1 Pc

Size: 3.5 ft

Pot: No

Origin: Imported from Kerala, India

Pebbles: No

Fertilizer: No

Kit: No

Payment: 100% Advance Payment

Delivery Location: Dhaka, Faridpur Only

Time: 1-3 Days Delivery

Payment Method: bKash, Nagad, City Touch or Local Bank Transfer

Mangosteen Fruit Plant

Mangosteen Fruit Plant is a truly tropical fruit plant that you can buy in Bangladesh at the best price. This fruit has luscious, delicate texture and slightly astringent flavor. That’s why this fruit plant is also referred to as ‘the queen of tropical fruit plant.

Purple mangosteen is the another name of Garcinia mangostana or Mangosteen. Mangosteen fruit trees are unknown where they came from, however some assume that they originated from the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas. Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, the Philippines, and southwestern India are among the countries that grow the tree. The mangosteen plant is a slow-growing plant with a pyramid-shaped crown that grows straight in its natural habitat. The mangosteen fruit plant grows to a height of 20-82 feet (6-25 meters). Short-stemmed, dark green leaves are oblong and shiny on top and yellow-green and dull on the underside of this evergreen tree. The new leaves are rosy crimson in color and oblong in shape.

How to care Mangosteen Plant

It can’t stand temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius) or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 C.). Mangosteens are sensitive about temperature and humidity, and they require at least 50 inches (1 m) of annual rainfall with no drought. Plants flourish in deep, rich organic soil, although they may also grow in sandy or clay with rough material. While seedlings could die in standing water, mature mangosteens may survive and even thrive in areas where their roots submerge for the majority of the year. They must, however, protect themselves from high winds and salt spray. A perfect storm of factors require when it comes to produce mangosteen fruit trees.

Procedure of Plantation

Mangosteens should be planted in 4 × 4 x 4 12 (1-2 m.) trenches that have been supplemented with organic matter 30 days before to planting and spaced 35-40 feet (11-12 m.) apart. The tree requires a well-irrigated location, although dry conditions near bloom season can encourage higher fruit set. Plant trees in partial shade and feed them on a regular basis.

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