Monstera Adanson Plant (Swiss Cheese Adansonii)


Measurement: 1 Pc

Size: Small-Medium

Age: 12 months+

Pot: Included

Coco Pole: Yes Included

Pebbles: No

Fertilizer: No

Kit: No

Payment: 100% Advance Payment

Delivery Location: Dhaka, Faridpur Only

Time: 1-2 Days Delivery

Payment Method: bKash, Nagad, City Touch or Local Bank Transfer

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Swiss cheese is the common name for this plant comes from its big, heart-shaped leaves, which develop holes as the plant grows older (in a process called fenestration). The leaves will resemble Swiss cheese as a result of this.

This plant is a tropical perennial that is commonly grown indoors. Like its cousin, Monstera deliciosa has a rapid growth rate and a vining habit. They are growing as houseplants from young nursery plants and you can plant them at any time.

The plant is well-known for being easy to care for and for its proclivity for climbing. The stem of the plant has aerial roots that grow downward and brace against the ground or any accessible support.

Because of its tropical origins, the Monstera loves to grow in bright, indirect light. This plant prefers to be kept wet but not soaked. High humidity and warm temperatures are ideal for these jungle plants. Please wait at least four to six months after potting (or repotting) the plant before fertilizing it, as potting mix generally contains slow-release fertilizer.


Unfortunately, all the Monsteras are extremely poisonous, and neither pets nor people can consume them. Please try to keep them out of reach of your pets and children.

Why Monstera Adanson?

  • Monstera Adanson is such a beautiful indoor plant.
  • It has low costing.
  • It helps to make a natural environment by cleaning the air.
  • Monstera produces oxygen, which helps the breathing system.
  • It’s easy to care.
  • It will bring humidity to the air if you place the Swiss Cheese Plant once every 5-7 days.


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