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Buy Moonlight Pothos at the best price online in Bangladesh. Click to shop now indoor plants online in Bangladesh at the best price. Buy Dracaena Bamboo at a cheap price online in Bangladesh. Scindapsus treubii ‘Moonlight’ is a slow-growing greeny plant. They have attractive silvery-green and oval-shaped leaves. It is known as Moonlight or Satin Pathos ‘Moonlight’. This plant is growing for its leafage over the flowers, which are rare in cultivation.

How to Care

These plants are very self-adaptive to normal temperatures and climates but they are sensitive to colder temperatures. Try to bring them indoors or keep them in a warmer spot. If you keep them under the right conditions, they can grow as long as six to eight feet. Keep the Scindapsus Treubii in a warm room with bright indirect lights. They can climb well in a regular potting mix and do not call for frequent re-potting. Mist them once in a while to provide extra moisture in the air. These plants come from a typical, tropical rainforest nature, they like humidity and welcome a small sprinkling of water every time. You can also water them once when the soil feels dry.

If you see the plant is growing very fast or out of shape, you can always cut it by cutting off the excess growth. Try to trim this plant during the growing season of spring instead of the dormant months. Surprisingly, Moonlight Pothos is not only beautiful to look at, but they are also quite helpful to have in our homes. According to NASA, these plants can remove a variety of toxins from the air, including formaldehyde. Treevaly provides for you healthy plant. Hope it brings happiness to your life.


Unfortunately, these plants are extremely poisonous, and neither pets nor people can consume them. Please try to keep them out of reach of your pets and children.

Why Moonlight Pothos?

  • Moonlight Pothos is a gorgeous and rare plant.
  • It has low costing.
  • It helps to make a natural environment by cleaning the air.
  • Moonlight Pothos produce oxygen, which helps the breathing system.
  • It’s easy to care.
  • This plant can tolerate lower light conditions.
  • Pothos are very easy to propagate.

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