Premium Pineapple


Measurement: 1 pcs

Species: Cherry

Payment: 100% Advanced Payment

Return Policy: Not applicable

Home Delivery: Charge applicable

Buy Pineapple in Bangladesh

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Why Organic Pineapple?

  • Pineapple contains a significant amount of vitamin C.
  • It may helps you keep standing tall and strong.
  • It also helpful for developing strong bones and connective tissue.
  • Eating Pineapple may enhance your weight loss.
  • It’s also been linked to helping improve digestion.
  • It may help fight inflammation and free radicals in the body.
  • Pineapple has Cancer-Fighting properties.
  • It also fits in an anti-inflammatory diet.
  • One to two cans (140 to 280 grams) of pineapple daily may reduce the likelihood of an infection or at least shorten its duration.


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