Silver Queen Plant


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Silver Queen Plant

With the stunning 4- to 6-inch-long dark green leaves with silvery-white variegation, the Silver Queen Plant (Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen’) is one of the most fascinating houseplants. The plant is commonly known as ‘Chinese Evergreen’. It is in the top air-purifying plants on NASA’s list.

The Chinese Evergreen come from the ‘Araceae’ family. The tropics and subtropics of Asia and New Guinea are home to Aglaonema Silver Queen. They are grown as a bush or clumping shape depending on the pot size. It may reach in length between 8 inches to 4 feet. In interior landscaping people frequently include Aglaonema plants.

How to Care Silver Queen Plant

Except full sun, Aglaonema Silver Queen is a superb house plant for almost any setting. It thrive in bright light levels, especially through glass. Mainly for the brighter variegation colour the plant needs more sun light. Low light will allow Aglaonema Silver Queen plants to thrive, but they will grow thin and lanky. For a bushy looking plant, provide diffused natural light or artificial fluorescent light.

If you placed the Silver Queen plant in bright light, potting mix can dry down 1/2 to 3/4 of the way out before watering. But allow soil to dry almost fully between waterings in low-light situations. Temperatures for the Aglaonema Silver Queen plant should not go below 60°F. Although Chinese Evergreens can handle lower humidity than some other plants, they will appreciate your attempts to boost the humidity levels in the surrounding area by spraying on a regular basis.

However, this plant will survive with out fertilizer if the potting mix is rich. A modest dose of dilute fertilizer during the growing season can keep them strong and might assist encourage their leaf growth. Remove some of the new leaves as they appear to maintain your Aglaonema Silver Queen home plants bushy.


If eaten, these plants can cause irritation, and the sap can irritate the skin and eyes. Allowing children or pets to consume any component of the plant can lead to serious effects.

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