Syngonium Pink Passion


Measurement: 1 Pc

Size: Medium

Leaves: 5-10

Age: 10 Months+

Pot: No

Pebbles: No

Fertilizer: No

Kit: No

Payment: 100% Advance Payment

Delivery Location: Dhaka, Faridpur Only

Time: 1-5 Days Delivery

Payment Method: bKash, Nagad, City Touch or Local Bank Transfer


Syngonium Pink Passion

Syngonium Pink Passion with its arrowhead vine is among the most popular houseplants in the world. It has magnificent patterning foliage. Pink Syngonium (Syngonium podophyllum) belongs to the Araceae family. This indoor plant is commonly known as the Arrowhead plant, Arrowhead vine, or Goosefoot plant. They are native to West Indies, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, and Ecuador.

The vibrant colours and variegated leaves give it an outstanding look. The plant gives an aesthetic look when it thrives indoors. The branches on this evergreen houseplant like to grow and expand in all directions. However, pruning the vines will give the plant a more compact form.

They are fast-growing indoor plant species. The arrowhead vine can grow up to 3-6 ft long and spread out up to 2 ft. These plants rarely bloom indoor. The plant is popular among houseplant lovers because of its vibrant leaves.

How to Care Arrowhead Vine

The arrowhead vine thrives in moderately acidic soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Make sure the soil is well-drained and nutrient-rich. The released houseplant fertilizer is better for the plant, it is best to dilute the fertilizer and apply it once a month. They do not need a lot of food, expert growers recommend not applying fertilizer in the winter and fall seasons.

The Goosefoot plant needs the correct amount of water. The experts say that, throughout the growing season, water regularly and reduce watering during the winter months. Pink Syngonium grows well in indirect light that is mild to bright.

To grow well and generate bright colours, Pink Syngonium requires the proper ambient temperature. If the room temperature is average 60oF to 85oF (16oC to 22oC), then it enhances a faster growth rate. This plant loves high humidity.

Toxicity of Syngonium Pink

Syngonium Pink is a poisonous plant. Allowing children or pets to consume any component of the plant can lead to serious effects.

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