White Amaryllis Lily Bulb


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Season: Winter

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White Amaryllis Lily

The White Amaryllis Lily are famous and in demand all over the world because of their enormous blooms and ease of blooming. This type of lily is a bulbous plant with bulbs ranging in size from 5 to 10 cm in diameter. It has two rows of strap-shaped green leaves that are 30–50 cm long and 2–3 cm wide. At the top of each stem is a cluster of two to twelve funnel-shaped flowers. Each bloom has six tepals and is 6–10 cm in diameter. There are 6 stamens and 1 stigma on this flower. White with red veins is the most common hue, however pink and purple can also be seen naturally.

Amaryllis are the easiest of all flowering bulbs to blossom. You can plant it both inside and outside, and over a long length of time. Hippeastrum is the scientific name for the amaryllis, which evolved in the tropical parts of South America. They have beautiful varieties including various colours and shapes. But the white one is rare.

How to Care of Amaryllis Lily

Try to plant bulbs in well-mix potting, many types of potting mix are available pre-mixed. Potting them up to the neck and be careful not to injure the roots. This plant needs heat. For the development of the stems, place the potted bulb in a warm area with direct light. The optimal temperature is between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Water sparingly until the stem emerges, then gradually increase the amount of water as the bud and leaves appear.

On average, bulbs will blossom in 7-10 weeks. Flowering will take longer in the winter than in the spring. With this in mind, plan your planting schedule between October and April. It is possible to re-flower amaryllis after it has ceased blooming. After flowering, remove the old flowers off the stem, and when the stem begins to sag, trim it back to the top of the bulb.

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