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About us


The impediment to gardening in cities is the lack of availability of space and difficult to find green items (seedlings, plants, seeds, soil, fertilizers, pots etc.) into one platform. But technology, with all its wonders, has made it possible through Treevaly.

Treevaly, is working to revolutionize the concept of gardening-farming management and has taken an initiative inspiring people to plant trees, setup edible gardening for urban households, rooftop gardening, corporate landscaping. Aiming to bring off all the local nurseries, landscaping service providers and agriculturists under one roof. The country’s first hybrid plant marketplace, building a bridge between gardening expertise, environmental enthusiasts, agriculturists and the rest of the audience. Treevaly creates a seamless platform where we dream of building a sustainable future for the next generation.

The B2B, B2C & B2G platform digitized the local nurseries, flower shops, landscaping companies, gardening tools stores, seed stores, pottery shops, fertilizer-pesticides producing companies, jute factories, agricultural consulting farms and farmers in a single platform. Where buyers, merchants, farmers, suppliers and sellers get connected to each other. This one stop ecological platform is bound to provide any kind of landscaping such as hydroponic, aquaponic, vertical gardening, kitchen vertical farming, courtyard gardening, square root gardening services. 

Treevaly Fresh:

Treevaly Fresh, a subsidiary concern of Treevaly Ltd. started its journey for providing safe foods at your doorstep. With so many counterfeit and adulterated food in the market, it is almost difficult for buyers to find natural fresh and organic food items into one platform. Wiping the adulterated foods from your menu list, breaking the barrier between farmers and consumers. Aiming to bring organic stores, frozen food suppliers, fresh fruits-vegetable suppliers, fresh meat-fishes sellers, healthy catering service providers, healthy juice, coffee, tea manufacturers  into one platform. Our vision is breaking the middleman between producers-consumers.


  1. Connecting the dots and creating a readily accessed ecological platform which builds a bridge between gardening lovers, environmental enthusiasts, agricultural expertise, and the rest of the audience 
  1. Ensuring people a safe green environment in urban areas
  1. Creating an impact by eliminating the distance from ecological production to your doorstep
  1. A plastic free country, as we avoid plastic in packaging 


  1. To promote greenery living 
  1. keeping an impact on the global environment by taking small initiatives (Tree plantation events)
  1. Helping local ecological SME companies to their yearly growth
  1. To build automated indoor gardening system by solar technology

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