Crystal Anthurium Giant


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Crystal Anthurium Giant

Crystal Anthurium Giant is popular in tropical gardens as outdoor plants, but it also makes wonderful houseplants for the kitchen or living room. This tropical truly vibrant plant makes your home a bit more exotic. So, You can easily cultivate your own Crystal Anthurium Giant at home with a little care and attention, as you could buy this plant online from Treevaly

The plant is known as Anthurium crystallinum which is the second most common name people generally use. Anthurium is a genus of about one thousand species of flowering plants which is mainly native to Central and South America. It is mainly a Panamanian plant with big, green, oval leaves that may reach a height of 90 cm and the contrasting shine in the veins of the plant provides a beautiful, glossy texture. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for growing the plant.

How to care

  • Keep the soil moist at the top by watering every few days especially in dry or hot climates
  • It thrives in high humidity but requires adequate air circulation
  • It flourishes in bright, indirect light and doesn’t like exposure to direct sunlight
  • Fertilize it monthly during the growing season
  • Always keep it in a well-drained pot
  • Take some time to prune your plant

Toxicity of Crystal Anthurium Giant Plant

This plant is toxic to pets and humans. It contains calcium oxalate crystals which can cause intense pain and irritation to the mouth and stomach if you chew it anyhow. Keep it at a distance from your pets as it could put the pets in danger if they swallow the leaves.

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